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Vacuum Breaker Valve

Release date:2019-09-18 author:閆正偉-吳江天吳特種安全閥有限公司 click:

吳江天吳特種安全閥有限公司致力于低壓儲罐及管道的保護研究,專業生產美標API 2000系列呼吸閥、阻火器、氣體調節閥(氮封閥)、緊急泄放閥、人孔等儲罐保護產品。同時開發了可用于火電廠空冷系統及汽輪機蒸汽凝汽器的水封式大汽泄放閥;用于真空吸入的負壓安全閥;用于水處理系統的真空破壞閥等。也可根據用戶的需要生產各類低壓及真空泄放閥產品。


The vacuum breaker is designed to prevent vacuum conditions from occurring in pipes or tanks. After a power failure or rapid draining of the system, a vacuum condition often occurs in a pipe or tank.The pressure difference between the inside vacuum and outside air will cause a downward force on the disc. At vacuum pressures greater than -0.25 psig, the disc will compress the spring and move downward allowing free flow of outside air into the pipe or tank to eliminate the vacuum. When positive pressure is restored in the pipe or tank, the valve will automatically close and seal tightly. Optional valves can be piped to the vacuum breaker to vent trapped air in the pipeline if needed.

型號 Model

VB41 真空破壞閥 Vacuum Breaker Valve

VB42 帶排氣閥真空破壞閥 Vacuum Breaker with Air Release Valve

設計特點 Design Features

u  Caliber 2 ″ ~ 42 ″ (DN50 ~ dn1050);

u  Flange standard shall be ANSI B16.5, Hg / T 20592 ~ 20615, GB / T 9113 and other standards,

u  Selected materials: cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, other special materials:

Design Features

u  Sizes available 2″~42″(DN50~DN1050);  

u  The flanges are accordance with ANSI B16.5,HG/T20592、GB/T9113、JIS;

u  Available MaterialsCast Iron、Carbon Steel、Stainless Steel、Special Materials on Application;


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Tel: 0512-63293039

Email: sales@tian-wu.cn

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Address: no.1737, Kangli Avenue, FENHU Economic Development Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou